Café Diego

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Café Diego

His obedience brews more than just coffee.


Café Diego

In the midst of a financial crisis and a debt over a million dollars, a Nicaraguan coffee maker’s unwavering faith leads to a blessing that will impact generations to come.

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Friday June 21 22:00 UK, 10:00 pm US Eastern
Saturday June 22 14:00 UK, 2:00pm US Eastern


Café Diego

“Café Diego: The Cost of a Dream” is a documentary that follows the life of a Nicaraguan coffee farmer named Diego Chavarria. It is a story of great hardship, faith, risk, poverty and perseverance. It is a story about being faithful with what we have and believing God has a dream that is bigger than our own.

After living in Canada for almost 10 years, the Lord spoke to Diego Chavarria and instructed him to return to his country. In an act of obedience, Diego risked it all. Having nothing to lean on but those simple instructions, he moved his entire family from Canada to his homeland in Nicaragua.

The coffee farmer had no idea, however, that he’d be returning to an economy that was in the midst of a coffee crisis. There was no hope for a coffee farmer like Diego at the time he moved back to Nicaragua. A farmer’s costs are always the same no matter what the market value is. He was forced to start selling his family’s belongings and take out loans just to maintain his family’s wellbeing. After seven years of struggle, Diego had not only lost his farm but was up to $1.5 million in debt.

He had no idea that God was brewing a harvest that would change everything. After years of oppression and questioning God’s plan, Diego received a series of miraculous breakthroughs in the most unexpected places … breakthroughs that continue to impact people not only from his local village, but across the world as well.

“Café Diego: The Cost of a Dream” is a true story about the blessings in store for those who continue to follow the vision that God has given them … no matter the cost.

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”
—Romans 8:18 NIV