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Experience the Holy Land like never before.



Experience the Lord in new and insightful ways as you journey through the Holy Land with Curt Landry in the compelling 12-part series “Illuminations.”

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Witness the Holy Land firsthand with host Curt Landry in the powerful 12-part series “Illuminations.” You’ll visit the places where Jesus performed miracles of forgiveness, healing and restoration while being inspired to allow Him to perform those very same miracles in your own life.

The stories of some of the Bible’s greatest men and women will come to life right before your eyes, illuminating the history that has encouraged faith for generations. You’ll visit the exact place where Jesus filled the fishing nets of His disciples. You’ll see the same road where Paul experienced spiritual transformation and you’ll join host Curt Landry at the sea where the prophet Jonah was swallowed by a big fish.

These are sites of unforgettable miracles, signs and wonders. These places serve as evidence of what happens when we get in alignment with God’s will, devote ourselves to a life of obedience and truly invest in the Kingdom of God. It’s in these moments that we can experience God’s ability to multiply our sacrifices, fulfill His promises and work undeniable miracles in our lives. Each episode is packed with powerful testimonies from real people who have witnessed God’s transforming power in these ways firsthand.

You’ll hear from a man who received deliverance and restoration after a bad divorce and from a couple who knows the real meaning of trusting in God through both the good and bad. A former flight attendant will speak on the power of prayer, and Curt Landry will share the details of how God restored his own marriage.

“Illuminations” shines light on God’s unconditional love that’s still at work today.

If you’re ready for your soul to be awakened, bring the entire family together and enjoy the inspiring messages packed in “Illuminations” on Inspiration TV.

Be inspired.