Two Hats

By May 16, 2019 Documentaries

Two Hats

Perspectives change when you’re wearing someone else’s hat.


Two Hats

Brad and Deborah Wells face new realities when they leave the comfort of their Idaho home and move their family to the jungles of Papua New Guinea to share the Word of God.

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Friday May 24 at
10:00p US Eastern, 22:00 UK

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Two Hats


In 1998, Brad and Deborah Wells forfeited the comfort of their Idaho home to fulfill a call from God to spread His Word in Mount Hagen, the third largest city in Papua New Guinea. The documentary Two Hats follows Brad and Deborah, along with their seven children, as they learn how to lead an inspiring life of ministry among people who initially have a difficult time receiving them.

Though ultimately rewarding, ministry in a different country creates a few setbacks and challenges for the Wells family – including deadly threats from non-believers and sorcerers. Because the Wells family is considered wealthy by the people of New Guinea, that in itself creates another barrier of tension. Even traveling from city to city to spread the Word can be dangerous as beggars demand money with threats of violence.

This documentary gives you a first-hand look at the battles Brad and his family face as they adapt and learn to understand the New Guinea culture, realizing it’s a necessary step so that they can make God’s message clear. Persistent and passionate about their call to ministry, they continuously find new ways to use their gifts and talents to reach others and be used by God. For example, when the roads aren’t accessible, an aviation ministry allows the Wells family to fly into remote areas to speak the Word of God to villages of people for days at a time.

In hopes of reaching areas where they still lack physical presence, Brad establishes the country’s first Christian radio station that, today, reaches about 50,000 listeners. Yet still, a life-threatening moment teaches Brad a valuable lesson – he’s not as accepted by the Papua New Guinea people as he thinks.

Two Hats follows the life of a sincere man of God who learns how to wear the hat of those around him to establish a genuine connection of trust and tear down tense barriers so that he may effectively minister to them.