Wisdom in the Night

Betty Swann


Show Name: “Wisdom in the Night”

TV Airings: Saturdays at 3:00 UK, 3:00 am US Eastern & Sydney



On her “Wisdom in the Night” broadcast, minister and teacher Betty Swann interviews people from all walks of life and discusses how they came to the Lord, what life was like for them growing up, what challenges they have faced and what wisdom they have gained on their journey.

Serving the Lord for more than 46 years, Swann was the head minister of women for a 6000-member church for seven years before co-headed the women’s ministry for a major foundation. She has been taking teams of men and women around the world to train and disciple people since 1996.

Betty and her team work primarily in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania and Rwanda in Africa, as well as in Pakistan. Along with training people in basic Christian discipleship, the team conducts leadership training conferences, pastor training and microfinance training. They have established two video Bible colleges, one in Pakistan and one in Kenya. The ministry team is also heavily involved in feeding orphans, widows and families.

Filled with a passion to teach and train leaders, Betty wants each and every follower of Christ to contribute their specific God-given talents to spread His Word and His love!

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