David Robinson

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Victory Above Only Ministries

David Robinson


Show Name: “Victory Above Only Ministries”

TV Airings: Sundays at 3:30 pm US Eastern, 15:30 UK



Pastor David Robinson has been faithful to preach the gospel all his life. Raised in a Christian home, he received his calling to preach at an early age. Celebrating more than 38 years as the Pastor of Victory Above Only Ministries in Hickory, North Carolina, Pastor David and his wife Lisa have true pastor’s hearts. They work side by side, with a deep conviction to share the hope and saving grace of Jesus Christ across America and internationally, broadcasting his legendary ministry messages both on radio and television!

Pastor Robinson achieved his Doctor of Ministry from Emanuel Baptist University. He is diligent to teach and model what a man God is called to be. He labors to create a healthy and dynamic church, one filled with the love and the excitement of the Holy Spirit.

Through his preaching ministry you will feel the passion and excitement to serve Jesus Christ intertwined with an unconditional love and commitment to help anyone in need.

Victory Above Only Ministries ministry program is dedicated to witnessing and teaching viewers, equipping them with understanding of how to apply the written Word of God to their lives! Watch “Victory Outreach with David Robinson” Sundays at 3:30 pm US Eastern, 15:30 UK.