Bible Discovery

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Pastor Rod Hembree


Show Name: “Bible Discovery”

TV Airings: Monday – Friday at 3:00pm US Eastern, 15:00 UK


Bible Discovery

Host: Pastor Rod Hembree

Change the way you see and read the Bible with Bible Discovery weekdays on Inspiration TV. Designed to guide you through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a year, this 30-minute daily devotional show gives you intriguing insight into the 66 books of the Bible, interesting facts about their authors, and how even thousands of years later, the taught principles still apply to our lives today!

Hosted by the Hembree family, each day Bible Discovery encourages strong Christian values while offering historical perspective and supportive scientific facts. It’s a new way to read the Bible that encourages you to simply…think. You’ll be amazed at the exciting truths you’ll learn with the Bible Discovery hosts.

Watch. Listen. Read. Learn. Bible Discovery airs Monday – Friday at 3:00pm US Eastern, 15:00 UK.


Meet the Hosts:

Meet Pastor Rod Hembree, host of Bible Discovery. By the age of 14, Charles Rod Hembree was training for television and radio production. After acquiring years of notable experience in media production, Rod took the position of Executive Director with Quick Study Television and Bible Discovery in 1993. In 2000, Rod founded Good Friends Fellowship and was pastor of the church for over 16 years. Pastor Rod holds a Doctor of Ecclesia, D.E. and a Doctor of Theology, Th.D. from Phoenix University of Theology.

Janice Hembree co-hosts and writes for the daily Bible Discovery television program. For over 16 years, Janice spent her weekends in ministry leading worship at Good Friends Fellowship church in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. Janice has held many roles in the function of ministry, always striving to serve and uphold the integrity of the teaching and reading of the Word of God.

Corie Hembree-Bobechko is a daily co-host and content writer for Bible Discovery. She began her on-air career as a young child hosting alongside her father in the children’s show, The Adventures of Enoch. Corie holds a Master of Theology, Th.M. and a Master of Ministry, M.Min., Biblical History from Phoenix University of Theology.

Ryan Hembree first began appearing on television in 2010 during the weekend editions of Bible Discovery (formerly known as Quick Study) where he would present Biblically based scientific reports. Today, he is the head of the Creation Science research department at Quick Study Television and holds his Master’s degree in Ministry with a distinction in Creation Sciences from Phoenix University of Theology.