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Concepts of Faith

With Charles Capps


Show Name: “Concepts of Faith”

Arkansas farmer Charles Capps and family discovered that the spiritual truths Jesus taught could be applied to the everyday circumstances of life…and change it! This practical teaching is necessary and relevant for everyone today. Charles and daughter Annette share life-changing truths on “Concepts of Faith.”

TV Airings: Thursdays 11:00 UK, 11:00 a.m. US Eastern


Concepts of Faith

Host: Charles Capps

For over 35 years, the retired farmer and land developer traveled throughout the United States and several foreign countries, sharing the truths of God’s word through powerful Bible seminars.

Over the years, Charles became known for his teaching gift and insight on the subjects of faith and confession. Eventually, he put his teachings in book form, writing best sellers “The Tongue: A Creative Force” and “God’s Creative Power Will Work for You.” These two books have sold millions, and all 24 of Charles Capps’ books are still being printed and in demand today.

Even after passing away in 2014, his teachings continue to air on television, radio, streaming and internet stations with Capps Ministries’ broadcast “Concepts of Faith.”

Meet Annette Capps
Annette Capps is an ordained minister, businesswoman and licensed airplane pilot. Her love for modern science and the teachings of Jesus Christ created a powerful interest that has allowed her to bridge the gap between the Bible and modern science in her book “Quantum Faith.”

In addition, she has authored several other books, including “Reverse the Curse in Your Body and Emotions,” “Overcoming Persecution” and “Removing the Roadblocks to Health and Healing.” Annette made guest appearances on “Concepts of Faith” with her father Charles Capps, and continues to make new episodes. She currently lives in Oklahoma where she is the president of Capps Ministries.

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