Altar Egos

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Altar Egos

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Saturday December 8 • 9pm US Eastern, 21:00 UK
Sunday December 9 • 5:30pm US Eastern, 17:30 UK


Altar Egos

After Pastor John and his wife Betsy do the unthinkable and change the church Christmas pageant, their elderly choir director leads a boycott. Can Pastor John bring the church congregation together before it’s all-out war?

TV Airings:
Saturday December 8, 2018
9pm US Eastern, 21:00 UK

Sunday December 9, 2018
5:30pm US Eastern, 17:30 UK


Altar Egos

As the inheritor of his dad’s church, Pastor John knows his church has been stagnant for too long. Desperate to see their church grow, Pastor John and his wife, Betsy, change the Christmas pageant, only to have the church go berserk. Members are so distraught that the longtime choir director, Mary Margaret, leads the entire choir out of the church in protest. They even boycott the church services and begin to discuss hiring a new pastor to take Pastor John’s place.

Clearly, Mary Margaret has the upper hand in this psychological tug of war. To win her over, Pastor John has to first bridge the generation gap and change her perception of him as “just a kid.” Question is, how?

In a hilarious series of events, Pastor John and his friend Jack disguise themselves as elderly gentlemen in order to build a relationship with Mary Margaret and gain her trust. Stopping at nothing to win her favor, they become involved in the lives of the church elderly, causing trouble and hysterical mishaps along the way.

As they attempt to get into Margaret’s good graces, they continue to hope she changes her mind and convinces the choir to return to the church. But, in a series of humorous attempts and antics with the elderly group, Pastor John learns that the wounds in Mary run deeper than just the Christmas pageant.

Will Pastor John learn the hard lesson of how to truly love the unlovable or risk the well-being of his church and family?