Christmas For A Dollar

By November 29, 2018Movies

Christmas For A Dollar

The spirit of Christmas is priceless.


Christmas For A Dollar

During the Great Depression, Mrs. Kamp passes away. While the children expect another Christmas without presents, their father brings home one dollar for them to spend on gifts.

TV Airings:
Saturday December 15
9pm US Eastern, 21:00 UK

Sunday  December 16
5:30pm US Eastern, 17:30 UK


Christmas For A Dollar

Set during the Great Depression in the mid-1930’s, this true, life-changing story is about a family that learns to experience the real joy of Christmas. At a time usually full of love and celebration, the Kamp family faces struggle and despair. The mother has unexpectedly passed away, and somehow, someway, they must endure the sorrow and heartache of life without her. Summoning their courage, they do their best to love one another and keep their family intact, but the hardships seem overwhelming.

Not only must the family face disease and sickness, but also a mountain of debt due to their medical bills. As the holidays approach, the children doubt they will receive any presents for Christmas that year.

Much to their surprise, however, their father scrapes together a dollar’s worth of coins for them to spend on gifts. And as each child decides on a gift to give to another member of their family, their whole attitude toward Christmas is miraculously transformed. They spend hours genuinely debating what others in their family would cherish most. And as they do so, they quickly discover that the spirit of Christmas lies in their love and generosity and not the price tag of the gift.

Directed by John Lyde, Christmas for a Dollar is a terrific, family-friendly film that reminds viewers of true courage in the face of adversity. Effectively portraying the Great Depression, the story delves into issues of struggle and heartbreak for a family that longs to have its hope and faith restored. Viewers can’t help but cheer the characters on as they work to overcome their adversities and look to one another for love and support. Moving and inspirational, Christmas for a Dollar is an instant Christmas classic your family will be sure to love.