Grace and Gravity

By June 3, 2019 July 1st, 2019 Movies

Grace and Gravity

Fate meets faith and friendship


Grace and Gravity

It’ll take more than Christian clich├ęs and pamphlets to save the life of a man who has lost all hope and is moments away from jumping to his death.

TV Airings:
Saturday July 27
9pm US Eastern, 21:00 UK

Sunday July 28
5:30pm US Eastern, 17:30 UK


Grace and Gravity

While on work assignment in the UK, American John Palmer is shocked when he discovers Chris Arnold, a British atheist who is about to end his life by jumping from a bridge.

John is desperate to keep the man from killing himself so he decides to talk with Chris and share his Christian faith. But as he begins his conversation, he is angrily rejected by Chris, a sharp-witted former pastor turned atheist who knows the Bible better than John does.

Realizing his pat answers are not working, John decides to get real with the man, building a relationship with Chris rather than simply arguing a case. The result is an enduring story that mixes both quirky humor and riveting drama to express some profound ideas about authentic faith and friendship.