The Chosen

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The Chosen

And in His name, all oppression shall cease…


The Chosen

See the first Christmas through the eyes of a disabled shepherd whose life of rejection and suffering is forever changed when he witnesses the greatest miracle ever.

TV Airings:
Sunday December 23
7:00PM US Eastern & Sydney, 19:00 UK

Christmas Eve
6:30PM US Eastern & Sydney, 18:30 UK

Christmas Day
7:30PM US Eastern & Sydney, 19:30 UK


The Chosen

The Chosen depicts the beautiful story of the first Christmas through the eyes of Simon, a young shepherd who has a genuine heart but who lacks respect from his peers because of his physical disability.

Based on the true story from the Gospel of Luke, director Dallas Jenkins (What If…, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone) sets the scene during the time when Augustus Caesar became Emperor of Rome. The Hebrew people and priests are burdened, but they have found their hope for relief from heavy Roman oppression and taxation in the coming of the Messiah who would save God’s people.

So for Simon, whose imperfections make him almost an exile among his fellow Israelites, and who is often insulted and treated with disgust by shepherds and synagogue leaders alike, news of a Savior is intriguing. He is eager to understand more about the ancient prophecies of the promised Messiah who is able to bring about the healing he’s always wished for.

However, Simon is yet again rejected by his people when he attempts to enter into the synagogue to hear the message of hope. Because of perceived filthiness, Simon is immediately kicked out and denied the opportunity to learn more about the One who can heal his body and end all oppression.

A miraculous revelation, though, changes everything for this young, disabled shepherd whose entire life has been one of suffering and rejection.

That very same night, just as Simon begins to feel his greatest despair, a revelation of new hope is given to him. The Chosen tells the story of how a once “useless” and lame shepherd is not only healed, but how he also becomes a part of the greatest moment in history.

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