The Jesus Film

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The Jesus Film

His life and His death are our hope.


The Jesus Film

Here is the life of Jesus – from the miraculous virgin birth to the calling of his disciples, public miracles and ministry, ending with his death by crucifixion at the hands of the Roman Empire and resurrection on the third day.

TV Airings:
Saturday December 29
9pm US Eastern, 21:00 UK

Sunday  December 30
5:30pm US Eastern, 17:30 UK


The Jesus Film

What is the most-watched movie in all of history? You may guess films like The Godfather, Gone with the Wind or E.T. But it’s actually none of those. In fact, it’s a film with little publicity and yet, because of it, every four seconds, somewhere in the world, someone makes a decision to follow Christ. What is it? The Jesus Film.

The impact of this film has been amazing. In fact, every day 21,000 people accept Jesus because they have watched it. That’s 630,000 per month and more than 7.5 million per year! It’s like the population of the entire city of Seattle coming to Christ every 27.5 days. And yet, if you are like most people, you may have never seen it.

Called by some “one of the best-kept secrets in Christian missions,” a number of missions experts have acclaimed the film as one of the greatest evangelistic tools of all time. Since 1979 The Jesus Film has been viewed by several billion people all around the globe, and has resulted in more than 225 million men, women and children making decisions to follow Jesus.

Based on the Gospel of Luke, The Jesus Film has now been translated into more than 1,050 languages, with a new language being added nearly every week. This brings God’s Word to people in more than 220 countries in languages they know and understand. By God’s grace, it is yielding a spiritual harvest of unprecedented results.

The story of The Jesus Film is not only one of effective evangelism, but also a powerful tool for expanding the church worldwide. In fact, according to Dr. Stephen Steele, former CEO of DAWN Ministries (c. 2001), “Three-quarters of all churches planted in the last decade used The Jesus Film as part of their church-planting strategy.” God is definitely using this film in powerful ways to reach people and build spiritual movements across the globe!