The Perfect Gift

By November 27, 2018Movies

The Perfect Gift

What would happen if the world forgot that Christmas had anything to do with Christ?


The Perfect Gift

In the most unlikely way, a spoiled schoolgirl, her overworked mother, and a young minister learn valuable lessons about faith, community, and the truest meaning of Christmas.

TV Airings:
Saturday December 22
9pm US Eastern, 21:00 UK

Sunday  December 23
5:30pm US Eastern, 17:30 UK


The Perfect Gift

Meet Maxine Noelle Westray, a spoiled schoolgirl who couldn’t care less about the upcoming Christmas holiday, which conflicts with her own birthday celebration. Stacy is Maxine’s newly divorced, overworked mother who struggles to keep up with her daughter’s demands. Despite their relative wealth and prestige, Christmas is a time of drudgery, anxiety and stress. And despite all the Christmas gifts and parties, it’s not getting any better.

In another part of town lives a disillusioned young minister named Tony. Tony is searching for enlightenment in a world that has seemingly written off Christmas as nothing more than a wintertime ritual.

Into each of these lives comes Jess, a friendly but mysterious drifter who moves into their small community. No one knows where the mysterious man has come from. All they know about him are the things they have experienced firsthand: He is kind, he is pleasant, he looks like Jesus and he knows a lot about an awful lot of things. He’s even volunteered to build Tony a manger for the church lawn.

What is most surprising about him, however, is the wisdom he so willingly shares with others about life and faith, not to mention an eagerness to help people understand the real reason for the Christmas season: God’s gift of sacrifice, kindness and love.

In this light and inspiring holiday movie, see what happens when a spoiled brat, an overworked mother and a disillusioned minister meet a man who seems to embody the true meaning of the Christmas season. From the producers of The Perfect Stranger series, The Perfect Gift is a simple, heartwarming tale of rediscovering Christmas and the true meaning of the greatest celebration the world has ever known. Filmed in Kentucky, the film stars Christina Fougnie, Amy Hess, Matt Wallace and Jefferson Moore as Jesus Christ.