The Ride

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The Ride


The Ride

Rodeo champion Smokey Banks hits rock bottom after a downward spiral of bad decisions gives him a far worse beating than any bull ever delivered. An unexpected teacher inspires his comeback.

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Saturday August 31
9pm US Eastern, 21:00 UK

Sunday September 1
5:30pm US Eastern, 17:30 UK


The Ride

Inspiration TV’s Reel Inspiration presents The Ride, an uplifting story of a cowboy’s comeback and the lesson in faith he received at the hands of an unexpected teacher.

One of the greatest bull riders in rodeo, Smokey Banks, hits rock bottom after years of riding “the bookie” and the bottle. Little did Banks know, a downward spiral of bad decision-making would give him a far worse beating than any bull ever delivered.

After a run-in with the law, the former rodeo champion lands in front of a judge, who gives him two choices: either go to jail or serve at a Christian ranch for juvenile delinquents? After following his instincts, Banks soon realizes he would be getting a second chance at life. Not only has he been granted a chance to teach but also he has been given the opportunity to facilitate fulfilling a young boy’s dream.

Now, saddled with the task to corral a bunch of misfits, Banks faces new challenges. Every chance he gets Banks complains “That was the worst fifteen minutes of my life” and he can’t drink or gamble to get him through it! Not to mention, he’s got to answer to a bunch of kids who won’t let him do what he wants. Banks almost gives up on teaching these troubled teens bull riding. But leaving isn’t that simple when everyone loves him, including a Christian boy named Danny. Very reluctantly, Banks sticks around, not knowing that whatever problems he might have are nothing compared to those of his new pupil. This family film will make you smile and laugh.

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