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Uncommon students, one common goal



When all Bible activity is banned, the students of Rosewood High School fight overwhelming challenges to defend their privilege to meet, worship and perform.

TV Airings:
Saturday May 18
9pm US Eastern, 21:00 UK

Sunday May 19
5:30pm US Eastern, 17:30 UK



Just because prayer was taken out of schools years ago does not mean God left with it. “Uncommon” is a faith-based inspirational movie that challenges teens to live courageously in God, despite the obstacles that rise against them. God has proven over and over again that He honors faithfulness. The students of Rosewood High School experience this firsthand when they unite to fight for one common goal – their privilege to honor God.

“Uncommon” follows the life of Aaron Chase, a teen who is uprooted from life as normal when his older brother is gunned down during a school shooting. As he embarks on a fresh start, he is enrolled into Rosewood High School. Though it normally takes time for students to learn their place in a new school, it doesn’t take Aaron long before he realizes exactly where God needs him.

Mandatory budget cuts prompt the school to eliminate their theater, music and dance departments. The students decide to create their own. Furthermore, they even decide to use the Bible as inspiration for their script. Though their intention is to express unique talents and skills while glorifying God, the students find themselves up against overwhelming challenges like political correctness and opposition from their teachers.

It all comes down to whether or not the First Amendment protects Christians in the public school system. With the help of a lawyer, support from their peers and the guidance of God, the students of Rosewood High School learn a lesson that will change the school’s history forever.