Isik Abla

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Embracing New life

Isik Abla


Show Name: “Embracing New life”

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Isik Abla

Well known for her uplifting, liberating and life-changing messages, Isik Abla (pronounced Ishyk) is being used by God to minister to people and deliver them from all manners of despair, just as he did for her.

Isik Abla was raised in a physically abusive Muslim home. Despite the circumstances, she earned her bachelor’s degree at the age of 16 and went on to work in many high-ranking executive positions for some of the largest corporations in Turkey and Europe. After suffering from years of abuse as a child, she only escaped to even more torment at the hands of the Muslim man she married. In 1996, her husband tried to kill her and she fled to America, leaving all that she had worked for behind.

For years she tried to mend her broken spirit and career in the U.S., but she fell into a deep depression and became suicidal. On the day she was planning on ending her life, God showed up and she had a life-changing personal encounter with the Lord. She then surrendered herself over to Jesus and received supernatural healing and redemption. From that moment on her life remarkably changed for the better. Doors began to open up for her career as she became the CEO of a corporation and began to walk in her calling.

During this time, Isik served in many capacities as a minister, evangelist and public speaker. But, she soon realised that God was calling her into a deeper full-time ministerial capacity. She then enrolled in the Ambassador’s Commission School of Ministry and later became an ordained minister.

Her passion for helping Muslims grew stronger, so she developed Isik Abla Ministries. After years on television, Isik created a programme called “Embracing New Life” that currently airs on Inspiration TV. Her programmes have received exceptional feedback and the lives of Muslims all over the world are being transformed as a result of the media initiatives by Isik Abla Ministries.

Receive Isik’s messages of hope, love and freedom in Christ. Watch “Embracing New Life” with Isik Abla on Inspiration TV.