The Mum Show

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The Mum Show

Join Marina, Emma, and Clare for the second season of The Mum Show, as they swap stories, challenge each other, and discuss how to raise sons and daughters of promise to flourish in God’s purposes – of course while dealing with the children’s behavioral problems, busy activity schedules, sibling rivalries, social pressures, fears, bedtime routines…and so much more! This dynamic mommy group tackles it all, while exploring a Biblical model of grace-filled parenting and considering the “mom-identity” that God has over every mom’s life.

This Christian TV talk show exists to add God’s voice to the modern-day parenting dialogue. The trio of a mom of two, pastoral care support leader, and qualified child development therapist offers the perfect balance of honest, soul-searching support in each episode of The Mum Show. So, for the mother who feels overwhelmed, has lost all sense of self and is in need of a good laugh or cry…make yourself comfy, because The Mum Show is designed to refresh moms just like you!

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Meet the Hosts:

Marina Magdalena
Marina Magdalena is the creator of the TV talk show The Mum Show. The mum of two, Marina uses her experience of facilitating, storytelling, and public speaking to bring out a wealth of wisdom and warmth from her “Mum Show” guests.

Clare Hooper
Clare Hooper leads the Pastoral Care Department at Life Church Bradford. The mum of three, Clare uses her experience of offering pastoral support and care to many families to bring a deep and relevant message to The Mum Show.

Emma Browne
Emma Browne is a qualified Play Therapist and Cognitive Analytic Therapist. Emma uses her experience of child development, mental health, and parent and child bonding to bridge the worlds of Christianity and modern therapy.