Battles Christians Face
Join best-selling author Vaughan Roberts as he tackles various spiritual battles that Christians often encounter in the journey of life.

Philosophy, Science and the God Debate
Many high profile scientists, “science disproves the existence of God,” but three top Oxford professors are challenging this “assault on faith”.

Way of the Master & Way of the Master: Mission Europe
Ray Comfort and his faithful team travel to 13 European countries in just 13 days to minister to the lost and spread God’s magnificent word.

Angus Buchan, the man represented in the movie “Faith Like Potatoes,” combine Biblical truths with personal testimonies.

Has Science Killed Christianity?
Join Prof. Stephen Taylor, head of the mass spectrometry research group at the University of Liverpool, for the great debate.

Derek Prince Ministries
Derek Prince’s approach to explaining the Bible and its teachings has helped build a foundation of faith in millions of lives.

What Next?
Retirement! The word can create many different emotions both positive and negative. Be encouraged and inspired with this series.

Mightier than the Sword
The Bible has endured countless leaders that tried to destroy it. See why the writings of this book are more powerful than the sword.