David Cerullo Presents “A Life-Altering Decision”
Life is filled with good and bad decisions, but where you spend eternity is one you can’t afford to chance. Let David Cerullo help you make the right choice in deciding your eternal dwelling place.

Marilyn Hickey Presents “An Empty Cup”
Is your spirit empty? Let Marilyn Hickey show you how to be filled with the presence of the Lord and remove the emptiness in your heart.

Michael Youssef Presents “Life’s Most Important Question”
“What good is it for a man to gain the whole word and lose his own soul?” Join Dr. Michael Youssef for “Life’s Most Important Question.”

Peter and Bev Mortlock Specials

“Designer DNA”
Peter and Bev Mortlock from Impact For Life take a look at what makes up a human being. Did the human body just happen or was there a designer?”Life’s Greatest Gamble”. Is your life a sure bet or are you playing the odds? Join Peter and Bev Mortlock from Impact For Life for “Life’s Greatest Gamble.”

“Promise and Condition”
You may have carried hurts and offences, but you can be restored and have peace. Join Peter and Bev Mortlock from Impact For Life for “Promise and Condition.”

“The Blessed Life”
You may want a blessed life-but what is your attitude towards life? Join Peter and Bev Mortlock from Impact For Life for “The Blessed Life.”

Paul White Presents “Revelation to Transformation”
Pastor Paul White answers the question, “What is salvation?” while equipping people with the tools needed to effectively communicate the Gospel to people who are lost.

Henry Fernandez Presents “You’ve Been Chosen”
Sin may disconnect you from God, but He wants you to be repositioned and restored. Join Bishop Henry Fernandez with The Faith Center to learn how to reconnect to your blessings.

The Honorable Phillip Davis Special (1952-2015)
Join Bishop Phillip Davis as he shares a Biblical message from Luke 15 on God’s love and our salvation.

Lynn Hiles Presents “That You Might Have Life”
Good works, abundant success and worldly possessions will not guarantee you a ticket into Heaven. Listen as Dr. Lynn Holes shows you how to secure your eternal dwelling place and live a life of meaningful abundance here on Earth.

Terrell Murphy Specials

“The Master Craftsman”
The world and everything in it belongs to the Lord and He wants to share with you abundant life and success here on Earth. Join Bishop Terrell Murphy for “The Master Craftsman.”

“Feasting with the King”
You are invited to sit down and feast with King Jesus. Will you answer the invitation or ignore His call? Join Bishop Terrell Murphy with Life Center International for “Feasting with the King.”

Dr. Charles Stanley Presents “His Death Was Necessary”
“Why did Jesus have to die?” Dr. Charles Stanley with In Touch Ministries takes a look at the necessary reasons for the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

Dag Heward-Mills Presents “Remember Lot’s Wife”
Are you attempting to move forward but constantly looking back at your past? Pastor Dag Heward-Mills demonstrates how this can lead to your demise with “Remember Lot’s Wife.”

David Chadwick Presents “A Spiritual Road Map”
Sin and rebellion can affect your spiritual destination, but by His grace and mercy, God can restore your eternal ending place. Join Forest Hill Church Pastor David Chadwick for “A Spiritual Road Map.”

Dan Betzer Presents “The Power of the Cross”
There’s no sin that heaven can’t heal. Join First Assembly of God Pastor Dan Betzer for “The Power of the Cross.”

Jerry Grillo Presents “The Author and Finisher”
Learn who Jesus Christ is and what He can do in your life with Pastor Jerry Grillo’s “The Author and Finisher.”

Jesse Duplantis Presents “Unleashing Trust”
Jesus wants to trust and bless you abundantly, but trust is a two-way street. Let Jesse Duplantis show you how your faith in God can be unleashed.

Jonathan Scott Presents “How to Approach the King”
How should you approach the creator of the universe? Pastor Jonathan Scott details the ways.

Dr. Don Wilton Specials

Let Don Wilton show you how God’s righteousness can renew your life.

“Secure Salvation”
Are you 100% sure that you will go to Heaven when you die? Dr. Don Wilton from The Encouraging Word teaches us how to be confident that we will reach eternal paradise.

“The Great Salvation”
How can you escape eternal punishment if you neglect the great salvation that God has provided? Join Dr. Don Wilton for “The Great Salvation.”

Benny Hinn Presents “This Is Your Day”
Join Benny Hinn for a life-changing salvation special and receive the gift that Jesus has already paid in full for you.

Joe Phillips Presents “Snakebitten”
Sin can be as deadly as the venom of a snake. Join Joe Phillips with JPM, Inc., for an illustrative sermon called “Snakebitten.”

Karen Dunham Presents “Out of the Wilderness”
Step out of the wilderness into a place of peace and abundant life. Pastor Karen Dunham from Living Bread International Church shares how you can live a new and transformed life through Jesus Christ.

“The Answer” Programmes

“The Answer with Charles Stanley”
Be inspired with jubilant music, a moving personal testimony by former wrestler Sting and an encouraging message by In Touch Ministries Dr. Charles Stanley.

“The Answer with George Bloomer”
Sometimes in life you will go through some agonizing storms but God shows up even in the midst of your darkest hours. Be encouraged as Pastor George Bloomer shares his personal testimony and shows how you can weather life’s perilous trials with Jesus Christ.

“The Answer with Greg Powe”
Watch Pastor Greg Powe and erase your doubts with the love God. Live a life of certainty.

“The Answer with Mark Rutland”
Let Mark Rutland help you find the grace that God has in store for your life.

“The Answer with Ron Luce”
There is a battle raging … are you ready to join God’s Army? Ron Luce shows you how to give your heart to Jesus and fight for good on this Earth.

“The Answer with Steve Hill”
Our loving Savior will one day be a strict judge of the world. Pastor Steve Hill shares his emotional testimony and explains how we can escape the condemnation of hell on our judgment day.

“The Answer with TD Jakes”
Bishop T.D. James brings you an inspiring message on how to let go of your problems and reap the bountiful harvest that God has in store for your life.