Steelroots Classics & Steelroots Extreme Sports
Join Ben Cerullo as he takes an unconventional look at the lives of young people today while exploring skateboarding, BMX and other extreme sports.

A Muslim Journey to Hope
This captivating series features true, life-changing stories from former Muslims who have found hope and truth in Christianity.

Glimpses of Heaven
Heaven. The name itself produces many different thoughts and ideas. Get a short glimpse into eternity with this program.

Where Do People Go When They Die?
Is there life after death? See powerful testimonies from people who have had near and beyond-death encounters.

Love Stories of the Holy Land
Travel to the Holy Land and experience an award-winning series featuring stories of romance and adventure straight from the pages of the Bible.

Think it Thru
From the bustling street corners of New York City, Dr. Michael Brown challenges people to think deeper about Jesus and the Jewish religion.

The Coming Storm
This programme not only helps viewers identify the prophetic signs pointing to the end times, but it also reveals the meaning behind today’s headlining issues.

This original programme presents the finest in Urban Gospel music, hosted by recording artist Alicia Williamson Garcia.

Homeland Harmony
Sing-along with southern style gospel group, the Homeland Harmony Quartet, as they glorify the goodness of God.

Travel the Road
“Travel The Road” is a unique ministry that actively takes the Gospel of Jesus Christ to remote locations around the world. Each expedition is documented to motivate the church to be active in missions.

Isik Abla Embracing New Life
While running for her life, former Muslim Isik (pronounced Ishyk ) Abla had a personal encounter with God the day she planned on committing suicide. She then surrendered herself over to Christ and now shares Biblical teachings with personal testimonies to show what it means to embrace a new life.

Evolution vs. God
Hear expert testimony from some of the world’s top evolutionary scientists as they present evidence supporting Darwinism and compelling arguments discrediting their theories.

Based on the life and tragic murder of musical genius, John Lennon, “Genius” is a chilling account of what people will do for money and the desire to become famous at all costs.

Noah and the Last Days
Discover who Noah was and why the amazing account of his life is so relevant to the 21st century.

In this award-winning documentary, Ray Comfort shows you how to change minds, save lives and awaken the consciousness of a nation simply by asking a question.

This movie uses a unique approach to address a very sensitive subject in contemporary society, homosexuality. Regardless of your personal views on the matter, you’ll gain fresh insights and a new perspective with this compelling film.

Sozo Movement
Hear powerful testimonies about how God has healed and delivered people from personal afflictions and physical ailments.

ORU Alive
Come alive with Oral Roberts University’s powerful praise and worship experience.